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This “aide-memoire” records the substance of the presentations and discussions of a Day of Dialogue—spanning two half-days on June 20–21, 1994—among representatives of the European donor community and the Population Council on “Contraceptive Methods for Today and Tomorrow: Developments, Prospects, and Issues.” The discussion covered how contraceptives are developed, prospects for new technology, areas of controversy surrounding current and potential methods, and ways to improve the process. This is the third Day of Dialogue the Population Council has been instrumental in organizing. The format for these meetings is simple and informal: Population Council staff and invited experts from other organizations give brief presentations. This is followed by far-ranging discussions over the course of the day. By design, no consensus is reached or set of recommendations circulated. An aide-memoire sent to all participants is the meeting’s record of comments, proposals, and suggestions for follow-up action. The June 20–21 participants saw the dialogue as a mechanism to elucidate for European donors some of the important issues to be discussed at the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo in September 1994, and other upcoming international meetings.