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Kenya has been one of the leading countries worldwide in developing and implementing community-based distribution (CBD) programs as part of the national family planning (FP) program. CBD activities in Kenya are coordinated by the National Council for Population and Development, with support from USAID and other donor agencies. Kenya’s CBD program has been widely publicized because of its success in improving access to FP information and services, and its diversity of organizational structures. USAID would like to review the current situation and possible future directions before designing its CBD strategy for the next five-year bilateral project. The Africa OR/TA II Project was requested to assist in preparing its CBD strategy because of its experience with CBD activities throughout Africa. Following this review, the Africa OR/TA II Project will be coordinating a large-scale field research study to evaluate the impact of CBD in terms of a variety of indicators. This review has provided the first step in preparing for this research study by identifying what is known about CBD in Kenya and highlighting key issues that need addressing. This report presents a wide-ranging review of data currently available on a number of aspects of CBD in Kenya.






Africa OR/TA Project II