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The Family Planning Operations Research and Training Program of the Philippines was established in 1992 to strengthen the nation's capacity to carry out and utilize operations research (OR) for program planning and management. It has sponsored training workshops and funded OR studies on issues of priority to both national and local program managers. The program’s recent activities, culminated in the National Research Utilization Conference held in September 1994, were designed to assist in the institutionalization processes. However, more needs to be done to determine how these processes will actually work in specific national and local government agencies and academic and research institutions, and how to support and sustain the processes that do work. The proposed study is intended to form a basis for determining ways to promote and sustain OR in the Philippines. As stated in this report, the study aims to review the experience of recent research activities with attention to the institutionalization process and identify specific issues to be addressed and concrete steps to be taken in the process both at the national and local levels.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project