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Through the initiative of the Family Planning Fortnight: Meeting the Future Challenges, held in December 1993, the Government of Bangladesh made a policy statement about the critical importance of dealing with the nation's population problem. The Fortnight provided the strategic framework for developing actions to strengthen the National Family Planning Program that would meet the country's population challenges. To initiate rapid action, the Family Planning Fortnight Steering Committee, under the chairmanship of the Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, formed a working group to prepare a report that would capitalize on all earlier efforts and lay out a plan of action. The working group identified a number of priority areas requiring immediate action to regain the momentum of the National Family Planning Program, and to ensure success in meeting the government's demographic, social, and economic goals. The working group recognized that there are a number of long-term, strategic policy issues that also require quick attention. As noted in this report, efforts to increase the dissemination and utilization of research results for policy formulation have been productive in Bangladesh from the perspective of the government, NG0s, and donors.






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