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At the request of the Indonesian National Family Planning Coordinating Board, the Population Council’s consultant team reviewed issues related to Norplant® implant service delivery in Indonesia and recommended specific areas for new initiatives, improvements, and further research. The team reviewed secondary sources on the subject and visited Indonesia from April 17–28, 1995. They talked with family planning (FP) officials and observers and made field visits to West Java and Yogyakarta. This report reviews important issues facing the national FP program, particularly regarding Norplant insertions and removals. Program approaches are included, as are an outline for a national assessment study that could help Indonesia estimate the magnitude of the implant-removal problem in specific geographic areas and develop a long-term plan for handling removals on a routine basis. The top priorities now are simultaneous efforts to address the current need for implant removals through existing and planned management systems; mobilize resources for a Norplant implant-removal plan of action at the provincial, district, and subdistrict levels; evaluate and monitor removal efforts and impact; and conduct a major national Norplant implant assessment study.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project