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Uttar Pradesh (UP) is the most populous state in India, with a population of 139 million, as of the 1991 census. The socioeconomic profile is characterized by relatively low levels of per capita income and literacy. Further, assessment of the family planning program and the demographic status as measured by Couple Protection Rate (CPR) and Mortality/Fertility rates mark UP as one of the country’s more demographically disadvantaged states. UP has a relatively higher Infant Mortality Rate, crude death rate, birth rate, and total fertility rate than the country as a whole, whereas CPR is much too low. The district of Jaunpur falls in the Eastern Region of the state, which on the whole is more disadvantaged than the Western Region. As noted in this report, no systematic surveys have ever been done to provide district-level estimates of fertility and mortality or CPR except in a few districts. The present survey is designed to provide valid estimates of vital rates and CPR at the district level and to fill gaps in the available information on several aspects related to the demographic situation and family planning program.






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