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In Indonesia, collaboration between the Center for Health Research, University of Indonesia, National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN), UNFPA Jakarta, and the Population Council resulted in production and distribution of two prototype modules as basic materials on reproductive health for families with school-age children and adolescents. An updated version for both parents and adolescents was published by BKKBN. The Population Council believed that international versions (in English) would be of value, as the gaps in information are similar worldwide with respect to topics covered by these modules. Youth are constantly thirsty for knowledge pertaining to their health, particularly their reproductive health, but do not always know where to get relevant information. The same often holds true for parents of teenagers who also have to contend with the natural but difficult physical, emotional, and mental changes their children go through during adolescence. The objective of these books—the Adolescent Reproductive Health module for youth as a well as the module for parents—is to provide concise, direct, detailed, and correct information about common concerns and questions teenagers have about the physical and mental changes that occur during puberty.






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