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There is an absence of reliable data on the incidence of incomplete abortion in Egypt. A diagnostic, descriptive study that neither tests an experimental intervention nor evaluates in a comprehensive manner the quality of postabortion medical care was undertaken to address this issue. The study is a cross-sectional observation of the volume and nature of the postabortion case load in Egyptian public-sector hospitals, and it responds to the following objectives: 1) Accurately estimate the number of women who present for postabortion treatment in ob/gyn in-patient facilities as a percentage of ob/gyn admissions in a representative sample of Egyptian public-sector hospitals during one month; 2) Describe the medical and sociodemographic characteristics of the postabortion patients, including the cause(s) of the lost pregnancies, whether the pregnancy was wanted, the medical treatments received, and contraceptive-use history. As stated in this report, the study's sampling frame consists of the approximate 569 public-sector hospitals in Egypt. Approximately 15 percent of the hospitals were randomly selected with the probability of selection proportionate to the average number of beds in each hospital, using standard sampling procedures.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project