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In 1994, the Population Council, Manila, conducted an operations research (OR) project entitled “DMPA Monitoring and Follow-up Studies.” The activity was undertaken to provide accurate and timely support to the DMPA Reintroduction Program of the Department of Health. Commonly known as Depo-Provera, DMPA stands for Depo-Medroxy Progesterone Acetate, an extremely effective injectable contraceptive given every three months. This report focuses on the survey component of these studies which aims to comprehensively examine the influence on DMPA use of factors classified into the following eight major areas: socioeconomic and demographic characteristics; reproductive history; contraceptive history; adoption of DMPA; quality of care related to DMPA; the respondent's experience with DMPA; husband-wife communication regarding family size and family planning practice; and attitudes towards DMPA held by relatives and peers. Findings are taken from bivariate and multivariate analyses of 812 women randomly selected from DMPA acceptors in nine of the ten local government units covered by the first phase of the program. These acceptors were surveyed first in February and then again in June-July 1995 to document DMPA experience and perceptions since the first DMPA injection.






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