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In the past eight years, many operations research (OR) programs were implemented in Indonesia to increase the availability, accessibility, and acceptability of services desired by family planning (FP) users. OR has also been employed to improve quality and sustainability by studying the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of services delivered by providers. Nonetheless, relatively little is known about the true effects of OR studies in identifying and solving program problems in order to support the planning and coordinating of a particular program. Measuring utilization of OR results is not simple. In 1989, USAID signed its last bilateral assistance agreement with the National Family Planning Coordinating Board, known as BKKBN. The Office of Population and Health initiated the Asia Near-East Operations Research and Technical Assistance (ANE OR/TA) project in 1990. BKKBN set up of three centers in 1984 to conduct collaborative activities with various universities and NGOs in implementing research including OR studies. The Population Council assessed the extent to which utilization of OR results is fully realized. This assessment report highlights 26 OR studies mostly carried out between 1988 and 1995.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project