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Kenya’s Nakuru Municipal Council (NMC) operates five clinics located primarily in residential areas with high concentrations of people. The clinics provide basic antenatal, child welfare, STI, and other curative services, and family planning services are available at four of the clinics. One provincial referral hospital operated by the Ministry of Health also provides MCH-FP and HIV/STI services in a special STI treatment clinic. The seven public health facilities in Nakuru Municipality are participating in a collaborative project with the Department of Community Health at the University of Nairobi, the University of Manitoba in Canada, and the Nairobi Municipal City Council. The goal is to reduce the incidence of STD's, including HIV/AIDS in Kenya, through strengthening management of STDs and AIDS at the health facilities and establishing sustainable community-based STD/AIDS control activities with an emphasis on women's participation. This report describes a case study of the integration activities being undertaken by the NMC. NMC clinics have adequate basic infrastructure to provide MCH-FP and STI/HlV/AlDS services using an integrated approach, however they lack basic equipment and supplies to support the integration of these services.