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The Government of Kenya recently revised its Policy Guidelines and Standards for family planning (FP) and other reproductive health (RH) services to encourage service providers to undertake a more comprehensive approach to service delivery. Some of the recommendations, especially those relating to the integration of STI/HIV/AIDS services into MCH/FP services, and to safe motherhood, include new practices and procedures. A number of research studies have been conducted in Kenya and elsewhere that provide data pertinent to many of these recommendations, and the Division of Primary Health Care (DPHC) used the results to provide a framework within which the guidelines were discussed during a workshop in Nairobi, February 23–25, 1998. The Africa OR/TA Project II had documented and synthesized these lessons. In addition, the DPHC, with support from the Department for International Development (DfID), had compiled a review of safe motherhood issues in Kenya based on research studies conducted in the country on maternal mortality and morbidity. The DPHC collaboration with the Africa OR/TA Project of the Population Council, and with support from USAID and DfID, organized a workshop for program managers. Results are described in this report.






Africa OR/TA Project II