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The Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) is one of the most active nongovernmental organizations delivering reproductive health (RH) services in Ghana, focusing particularly on youth issues and services. USAID suggested to the Population Council’s Africa OR/TA Project II staff that PPAG might benefit from technical assistance. A large and well-funded IPPF program to promote sexual health among youth of the Volta Region offered a good opportunity to begin OR work. Earlier, the program was envisioned as a demonstration educational program of five years duration. Further discussions suggested that this program was unlikely to be duplicated anywhere, because of its high cost and because the design of the evaluation did not include a comparison area. As a result, even if the surveys documented change in the program it would be unclear how much change resulted from program activities and how much resulted from other, nonprogram factors. It was PPAG’s assessment that IPPF would appreciate an OR approach more than a demonstration approach to sexual health issues for youth. Therefore, as detailed in this report, Africa OR/TA Project II and PPAG developed a project to strengthen PPAG’s research capacity.






Africa OR/TA Project II