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The Zambian Ministry of Home Affairs (Police Service), Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Population Council collaborated on an operations research study designed to improve services for survivors of gender-based violence (GBV). Specifically, the study tested the feasibility of police provision of emergency contraception (EC). It also hypothesized that the intervention could strengthen GBV services at both police and health facilities through an increased emphasis on multisectoral collaboration. Based on the study’s findings, national scale-up of this program has been widely endorsed. The following recommendations are offered to guide such scale-up: ensure that a dedicated EC pill is available through the public sector; incorporate police provision of EC into provincial and national policies and guidelines; integrate EC services into the national victim support unit training curriculum and offer MOH certification; refine the EC provision training curriculum in conjunction with the MOH; integrate EC into the national training curriculum for all police officers; assign dedicated health sector staff to support police EC providers; and develop innovative approaches to overcoming transport constraints.





Expanding the Evidence Base on Comprehensive Care for Survivors of Sexual Violence in East and Southern Africa