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The Evidence Project has produced a package of resources with support from the Levi Strauss Foundation to provide companies, supplier factories, and other organizations the information and tools to improve their management of workplace and women’s health. The resources developed are based on real experience in factories, on industry research and evidence, and on practical actions that work.

Managing Health at the Workplace: A Guidebook answers questions many workplace managers have asked: Why worker health? Why should I have to deal with one more non-business issue? And what more can be done about health, in any case?

The Guidebook is designed to give clear and compelling—and practical—answers. It is part of a package of tools to provide more in-depth guidance that enables managers to take ownership of the factory’s health improvements:

- A Scorecard for self-assessment that provides suggested indicators that can be integrated into a factory’s goals or key performance indicators for health.

- A “How-to” Toolkit with eight modules (see below) for implementing specific improvement activities related to self-assessment and action planning, health staff, clinic services, budgeting and more (see below for modules).




The Evidence Project

ManagingHealthWorkplace_Module1.pdf (2392 kB)
How to do a self-assessment, set health goals, and develop action plans

ManagingHealthWorkplace_Module2.pdf (641 kB)
How to manage your health staff

ManagingHealthWorkplace_Module3.pdf (825 kB)
How to manage your health clinic

ManagingHealthWorkplace_Module4.pdf (356 kB)
How to find and use health information

ManagingHealthWorkplace_Module5.pdf (394 kB)
How to hire your health staff

ManagingHealthWorkplace_Module6.pdf (493 kB)
How to budget for health

ManagingHealthWorkplace_Module7.pdf (474 kB)
How to run an effective working meeting

ManagingHealthWorkplace_Module8.pdf (638 kB)
How to collect, analyze, and use health information (data)