Webinar—Applying Global Goods: Community Health Guidelines, Measurement and Planning Tools

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This webinar aims to provide guidance and harmonization of how to approach and pragmatically implement various global guidelines, planning and measurement tools in community health so they can be readily used in alignment with national priorities. The Population Council/Frontline Health project has synthesized lessons learned around measuring community health progress through the perspectives of community health workers (CHWs) and communities in an indicators guide that is digestible for global/regional/national audiences. In this guide, we highlight the measures operationalized through implementation research informed by the Council’s CHW Performance Measurement Framework that we feel are transferrable, as well as newly developed measures for areas that have been underappreciated, but increasingly deemed important.

The first half of this webinar explores existing measurement and planning tools in community health and interactively reflects upon how they fit together. The second half of the webinar reflects upon the applicability of the Council’s indicators guide document through interactive breakout groups with the audience and its complementarity with the previously presented tools. Participant feedback from this webinar will be further integrated to inform global tool alignment efforts.




Frontline Health: Harmonizing Metrics, Advancing Evidence, Accelerating Policy