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This guide was developed for public health technicians working with the Ministry of Health as part of the Kenya Adolescent Reproductive Health Project Tuko Pamoja (We Are Together). It can be used by anyone wishing to broaden their understanding of adolescent reproductive health (RH) issues and improve communication with young people. Providing young people with support by talking with and listening to them as well as ensuring they have access to accurate information can help them understand the wide range of changes they are experiencing during adolescence. Although parents, teachers, religious and community leaders, and health-care providers are expected to educate adolescents about personal and physical development, relationships, and their roles in society, it may be difficult for them to do so in a comfortable and unbiased way. For these reasons, it is important to meet adolescents’ need for information and services. Adolescent RH education provides information about reproductive physiology and puberty; protective behavior; and the responsibilities and consequences that come with sexual activity. Providing young people with accurate RH information promotes sexual health and well-being, and supports healthy, responsible, and positive life experiences, as well as preventing disease and unintended pregnancy.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health