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This training manual grew out of a project to improve the quality of care rendered by public-sector providers of reproductive health services. Implemented by the Population Council in collaboration with the Ministries of Population, Welfare, and Health, in Pakistan, the project extended beyond improving the quality of care provided by family planning workers and incorporated health workers who provided maternal and child health services. The success of all efforts made by the service delivery system in attracting and keeping clients depends upon the content and quality of interaction when the client comes in contact with the provider—whether the client is visiting a clinic or being visited by a community-based worker at home. To offer good quality of care, the provider should treat the client with dignity and respect, assess her reproductive health needs by asking questions rather than making assumptions based on her profile, and help her negotiate a solution appropriate to her circumstances. This training manual is oriented toward improving providers’ interpersonal skills. Emphasis is placed on the client and helping her meet her own needs rather than on meeting artificial goals or targets.