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The objectives of this Population Council study were twofold: first to collect information on prevailing practices of abortion and post‐abortion care in Pakistan and, second, to gauge changes in the magnitude and quality of abortion‐related complications and care during the last decade (since the 2002 national study of “Unwanted Pregnancy and Post‐abortion Complications in Pakistan”). The study found that the level of post‐abortion family planning (FP) counseling in both public and private health facilities offering PAC services was inadequate. There has been no improvement over the decade in the level of counseling reported, and, even more disappointingly, only half of health facilities provided women receiving PAC with contraceptives. We therefore recommend that family planning should be included in all medical curricula, from the undergraduate level to in-service trainings. Interaction, coordination, and synergy between the departments of family planning and gynecology/obstetrics in hospitals should be strengthened to ensure that contraceptive supplies and FP counseling become standard operating procedure both following a delivery (postpartum) and after women have received post‐abortion care.