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Maternal mortality in Ethiopia remains among the highest in the world. A UN Commission Report in 2012 identified 13 life-saving commodities—defined as medicines, medical devices, and health supplies—that effectively address avoidable causes of death during pregnancy and childbirth that, if more widely accessed and properly used, could significantly reduce preventable deaths among women. This assessment, conducted by the Population Council, evaluates the availability of these life-saving commodities that are essential for basic emergency obstetric and neonatal care, and safe and clean delivery services within primary health care in Ethiopia. The report concludes that Ethiopia’s pharmaceutical procurement and supply system is fragile and in need of further support. Specific recommendations include: increasing availability of key maternal health medicines, supplies, and equipment; increasing awareness and knowledge of service provision guidelines for maternal health; expanding existing training programs for health extension workers and health center providers; and increasing data collection and evaluation of service provision at the health center and health post level.