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These conference proceedings draw on preliminary data from an ongoing project implemented by TASO Uganda and the Population Council that contributes to the promotion of sexual and reproductive health rights of young people aged 10–19 years perinatally infected with HIV. The key argument is that HIV/AIDS programming in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa will need to acknowledge that the population of young people perinatally infected with HIV is growing and to specifically target that population. HIV/AIDS programming will also address the sexual desires of young people perinatally infected with HIV by providing them with information and practical support to understand their sexuality as they grow. This information is critical to guide them to negotiate vital aspects of their sexuality, enjoy positive lifestyles, and avoid undesired consequences such as unwanted pregnancies, infection of others, and self-reinfection. As noted in the proceedings, effective sexuality counseling should also be provided so that young people living with HIV can make informed choices and be able to balance responsibility with sexual desires.