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The Ethiopian Ministry of Health, the Ethiopian Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and ECafrique launched a two-year project in 2004 to mainstream emergency contraception (EC) in the country’s public sector. The project aimed at improving reproductive health care among young women and reducing the country’s abortion rate by expanding access to EC. Overall, its goal was to demonstrate the feasibility of integrating EC within the public sector’s broader contraceptive mix and was guided by the following objectives: to scale-up and promote public sector EC services in five of Ethiopia’s most populated regions; to document the characteristics and use patterns of EC clients in the public sector; and to introduce Postinor 2 as the first dedicated EC pill registered for use in Ethiopia. To achieve these objectives, the project undertook a set of activities aimed at improving provider competency, increasing public demand, and ensuring commodity security. Results of the final project evaluation, detailed in this report, demonstrate the project’s success. Service statistics show that EC utilization steadily increased throughout the implementation period, and data from provider and client surveys provide insight into the attitudes and issues influencing EC access.