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Implementers of sexual and gender-based violence programs in refugee settings are typically eager to learn about the extent to which their programs are making a difference in the lives of those they serve. Basic monitoring information can help address this imperative without unduly burdening program implementers with time-consuming evaluations. The Sauti/VOICE project is guiding adaptation and implementation of evidence-based SGBV interventions in refugee contexts. These interventions are implemented by UNHCR partners in eight countries in the East, Horn, and Great Lakes region of Africa. Although Sauti/VOICE is primarily focused on integrating tested SGBV interventions into refugee contexts, monitoring the implementation of these new interventions is an important project component. While rigorous evaluations of SGBV interventions are necessary, in the context of emergencies or other pressing need, such evaluations may not always be possible. It is possible, however, to establish relatively simple monitoring systems that will provide necessary and important information. This program brief documents the process employed by the Sauti/VOICE project to implement simple monitoring systems that record service progress, reveal issues that need to be resolved, and provide evidence of how well interventions are working.






‘SAUTI’/VOICE: Violence Response and Prevention through Information, Communication, and Evidence