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This manual is designed to help program decision-makers, managers, supervisors, and providers introduce systematic screening in their health services. Systematic screening can improve women’s health by addressing multiple unmet needs for reproductive and other health services. This manual provides: activities necessary to implement systematic screening; how to select facilities, services to screen for, and who will screen; systematic screening checklist development, adaptation, and pretesting; advice for training screeners/providers and supervisors and an outline of a generic training agenda. The manual’s contents may be adapted to reflect local, national, or programmatic health priorities and resources as well as to promote the use of underutilized preventive services. Essential activities needed to implement the systematic screening strategy include: putting someone in charge of the screening effort; deciding what you will screen for; choosing suitable facilities; establishing study patient flow before setting up the screening system; designing a new form or adapting an existing screening instrument to identify needed services; pretesting the form; creating a user’s manual; providing adequate training; and supervising and monitoring screening.