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In the past 15 years, there has been a notable increase in research on and interest in sexuality, masculinity, domestic violence, gender inequities in South Asia, yet the dimensions of men’s and women’s concepts of masculinity and sexuality, changing patterns of gender roles, and the nature of violence remain partly understood.

Focusing mainly on Bangladesh and India, the 16 chapters in this book are designed to deepen our understanding of sexuality, HIV and AIDS, and gender relations in South Asia. The chapters explore topics such as marital and extramarital sexual relations, socioeconomic and sexual security of female garment workers, gender and sexual identities of young men, sexual risk-taking behaviors of men, prevalence and nature of domestic violence against married women, and ethical issues in research on gender-based violence.

These chapters demonstrate how issues related to masculinity, gender inequities, and domestic violence are highly complex and changing, and suggest new strategies and interventions and highlight opportunities for future research.


ISBN: 978-0-87834-130-6