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The goal of this Population Council study, funded by USAID through the Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN) project, was to assess the potential of community midwifery services in rural Pakistan in order to provide necessary evidence for future decisions regarding the training, practice, and placement of community midwives (CMWs). The introduction of a new cadre of skilled birth attendants is significant, especially at a time when Pakistan is working toward achieving the Millennium Development Goals. The report makes the following recommendations: 1) opportunities for practical training should be followed meticulously; 2) selection criteria should be revised especially for age and adherence to the requirement of being resident in the respective rural community; 3) uniformity of assessment must be ensured through the development of an assessment board; 4) the placement of CMWs must be linked with other program activities to facilitate referrals and promote health education; and 5) since supervision is a critical component for ensuring a high quality of services, standards should be developed for monitoring CMWs.





Pakistan Initiative for Mothers and Newborns (PAIMAN)