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For more than a decade, advocates have sought to improve access to emergency contraception (EC) around the world. These efforts have been highly successful in Europe and North America, have generated much debate in Latin America, and are beginning to take hold in Asia. In Africa, however, the success of EC programs remains limited. Even in countries where the regulatory environment is favorable, resource constraints within the public sector limit the ability to provide consistent and quality EC services at low cost. In a growing number of African countries, the private sector has emerged to fill these gaps, increasing access primarily among young, affluent urbanites. Low knowledge levels among the general population ultimately undermine the impact of such provision strategies. The initiative described in this report includes activities aimed at improving overall awareness of EC across Kenya and strengthening the quality of EC services in the public and private sectors. It was intended to serve as a model for other countries interested in improving access to EC, and to generate in-depth knowledge on EC program strategies and utilization characteristics in sub-Saharan Africa. This final project report details the outcomes of this initiative.






Mainstreaming Emergency Contraception in Kenya