Analyzing successful condom use among factory workers and students in Mexico and the Dominican Republic

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Article (peer-reviewed)

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Although condoms can prevent sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, use remains low worldwide. Rather than continue to investigate the barriers to use, this study sought to obtain information from students and factory workers who identify themselves as successful condom users. After developing a novel successful condom use scale, we conducted 793 interviews among students and factory workers in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We compared successful users to unsuccessful users and invited successful users to participate in focus group discussions. Among students, successful condom users were more likely to be from Mexico. Factory workers identified as successful condom users were more likely to have had fewer casual sexual partners. Focus group participants cited condoms' accessibility, security, and cleanliness as reasons for use. Use differed by partner type, stable versus casual. These findings should be considered when developing condom promotion campaigns.