Correlates of grief among older adults caring for children and grandchildren as a consequence of HIV and AIDS in South Africa

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Article (peer-reviewed)

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Objectives: Over the past few years, older people have become the main caregivers for their sick adult children and orphaned grandchildren due to HIV/AIDS in South Africa. This article aims to investigate the scope of care provided by older people, with a specific focus on the experience of grief due to multiple losses and its correlates. Methods: Quantitative interviews were conducted among 820 isiXhosa speaking caregivers of 60 years and older in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Results: Older persons are involved in a wide range of care activities with several dependents to care for. Grief among older adults is most strongly predicted by perceived stigma around HIV and AIDS and worries about providing the care. Discussion: This study provides insight into correlates of grief among older caregivers and results in useful information to inform the development of interventions to assist older persons in coping with their responsibilities as caregivers.






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