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Representatives from community-based AIDS prevention and care programs in five sub-Saharan African countries spoke about their programs’ strengths, shortcomings, and hopes for the future at a meeting organized by the Population Council that took place on June 5, 1993, in Berlin just prior to the IXth International Conference on AIDS. Participants’ experiences and insights demonstrated the ingenuity and imagination that communities have generated to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS and how they have taken action where government activities have fallen short. The workshop brought representatives of these programs together with staff of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, funding institutions, technical assistance agencies, and national and international AIDS-prevention programs to present their experiences. Discussion focused on strategies to strengthen community-based AIDS prevention and care in Africa. The meeting was the culmination of the first year of a three-year project established by the Population Council as part of the Positive Action Program’s Developing Country Initiative. This report notes that the aim was to identify successful elements of community-based AIDS prevention and care programs and promote a global exchange of expertise.