Rapid Needs Assessment Tool for Condom Programming

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The Population Council has collaborated with UNFPA to develop and test a rapid needs assessment and data-gathering tool to serve as a basis within a country for improving condom programming (including distribution and promotion of condoms) to prevent HIV transmission. The project has three objectives: development of a rapid needs assessment tool for condom programming, which includes development of guidelines for utilizing the tool; pretesting of the initial assessment tool in four countries; and dissemination of the revised tool with accompanying guidelines. The rapid needs assessment tool has been pretested in four countries—Bangladesh, Brazil, Ghana, and Kenya. This report presents the results of these assessments along with issues for consideration in the possible improvement of the needs assessment tool and the recommended process for using the tool. Findings indicate that while condoms are widely available, and condom use is generally increasing, there is much that could be done to improve their distribution, promotion, and utilization, especially among key target groups that are at a high risk for HIV.