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Advocate consultations are increasingly becoming the rule, not the exception in the HIV-prevention research field. As an increasing number of Phase III trials enter the field, research groups are seeking new ways to collaborate with advocates and maximize civil society input and engagement. The Advocates’ Consultation for HIV Prevention Trials: Carraguard and VOICE Studies provided leaders from African NGOs a unique opportunity to learn about the clinical trial process from beginning to end, and to collectively identify ways to influence how scientific research is formulated. Participants represented a wide range of advocacy groups from Southern African countries, including those working on women’s health, treatment access, gender-based violence, legal and regulatory issues, human rights, and people living with HIV/AIDs. The consultation focused on two HIV-prevention trials: the Population Council’s Carraguard microbicide trial and the Microbicide Trials Network’s Vaginal and Oral Interventions to Control the Epidemic. Both trials focused on preventing sexual transmission of HIV in women. This report focuses on key issues in HIV-prevention research advocacy, the Carraguard and Voice studies, and recommendations and action items.