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HIV prevention programming is increasingly taking place in school settings, which provide an expansive population of young people and offer immense potential for impact on the lives of this target group. The Presidential Initiative on AIDS Strategy for Communication to Youth (PIASCY) is a school-based program that has sought to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda in a holistic manner since 2002, targeting young people, school personnel, parents, and the wider community. A formative evaluation was conducted by the African Population and Health Research Center in February 2009 to provide an understanding of: the extent to which PIASCY is achieving its planned goals and objectives; the strengths and limitations of the design, organizational structure, and rollout; the lessons learned and best practices for continued rollout; the unintended consequences of the development and implementation of the program; and the sustainability issues facing the program’s continued implementation. Study findings presented in this report highlight the positive elements of the program that can serve as a foundation as PIASCY is rolled out to post-primary institutions, as well as challenges that need to be addressed.






HIV/AIDS Evaluation, Assessment, and Formative Research