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Men who have sex with men (MSM) present specific diagnostic and management challenges to counselors and health-care providers. High prevalence of HIV infection has been reported among MSM in Nigeria, driven partly by stigma, discrimination, lack of appropriate prevention strategies, limited research evidence, little recognition by policymakers, and inadequate knowledge and skills in dealing with MSM clients. In Nigeria, where homosexuality is illegal, the risk embodied in same-sex activities is high and makes hiding MSM activities almost a norm. Currently, health-care provider training materials that address most at-risk populations’ (MARPs) specific health needs are nonexistent in Nigeria. Knowledge of these will enable counselors and health-care providers to adequately provide prevention and treatment services to men who engage in high-risk sexual practices. This training guide, which is part of a series of training manuals for MARPs, aims to educate and equip health-care providers with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide health services that support and adequately cater to MARPs, particularly MSM, and their unique needs within the Nigerian health-care setting.