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This report presents an argument for prioritizing family planning to achieve the maternal, child, and development goals of four major provinces in Pakistan, using the latest available provincial data, especially the Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey 2012-13. The analysis is based on provincial projections generated by the Population Council. Opportunities for enhancing family planning are identified, and the number of maternal, infant, and child lives that could be saved in each province through an accelerated family planning program is estimated. The analysis establishes that none of the provinces are on track to meet Millennium Development Goals 4 or 5. The report’s key message across all provinces relates to the need for an accelerated family planning program. The health sector in general, and health departments in particular, will have to step up the delivery of family planning services at their outlets and hospitals, and provide referrals and outreach in conjunction with population welfare departments. The report also recommends revitalizing the Lady Health Workers Program in each province, and providing services to areas not covered by the population welfare and health departments or by Lady Health Workers.