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The Population Council’s Progesterone Contraceptive Vaginal Ring (PCVR) is an effective, user-initiated contraceptive option that helps meet the need for postpartum family planning (PPFP). It is exclusively designed for postpartum breastfeeding women who want to space or delay pregnancies the first year following childbirth. This technical report describes a social marketing and social franchising model that will be adopted for the introduction and scale-up of the PCVR. A methodology for implementation of this model, also referred to as the PCVR–Social Marketing and Social Franchising (PCVR-SM/SF) Model, has been designed to introduce the PCVR in the context of choice among other PPFP products and services, equity in price, and range of outlets, ensuring quality of care and availability of services. A proposed structure to integrate the PCVR into the SM/SF system has been outlined and described in three phases: design, start-up, and scale-up. The model provides guidance on how the PCVR can be included in existing SM/SF programs. This technical report may be used by FP/RH service implementers and program managers who wish to implement the PCVR-SM/SF Model.






Delivering Contraceptive Vaginal Rings; The Progesterone Contraceptive Vaginal Ring: Expanding Contraceptive Options in Africa