The Balanced Counseling Strategy Plus: A Toolkit for Family Planning Service Providers Working in High HIV/STI Prevalence Settings (supplemental material in French)

Population Council

Other related documents: (1) English; (2) English with Zika; (3) Spanish; and (4) Dari algorithm, method brochures, counseling cards.


The Balanced Counseling Strategy Plus (BCS+) toolkit, developed and tested in Kenya and South Africa, provides information and materials that healthcare providers need to offer complete, high-quality family planning counseling to clients living in areas with high rates of HIV and STIs. Content is in accordance with the 2015 WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria. The BCS+ provides evidence on clinical indications for the provision of family planning methods, counseling cards, instructions for providers, and guidance for supplemental counseling and services that family planning clients may need. The BCS+ includes user's guide, trainer's guide, algorithm, method brochures, and counseling cards. This publication is the French language version of the algorithm, method brochures, and counseling cards.