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The goal of the Pilot Health Project (PHP) has been to improve the health status of Palestinian women and children. To further this goal, the Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute (HDIP) was given the responsibility to develop a management information system (MIS) for the collection, storage, processing, and dissemination of information for PHP clinics. In cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH) and various healthcare providers and MIS professionals, HDIP worked through a carefully organized and highly participatory process to design and develop the MIS for the PHP. This report reviews that process and presents the features of the MIS. Based on its experience, HDIP recommends that this MIS be installed at all Palestinian MOH women’s health clinics and that the MOH serve as a centralized national information system. HDIP further recommends developing a unified referral form that should also be computerized and incorporated into the MIS program. In the future, this information system should be further developed to include child health indicators, as well as all other primary health care service indicators. The report notes that this MIS system can be universalized, incorporating all health services with primary healthcare centers as the entry point.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health