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In September 1999, PROCOSI, a Bolivian network of 24 nongovernmental organizations that provide health services, invited the Population Council Frontiers in Reproductive Health (FRONTIERS) program to provide technical assistance for designing and conducting operations research aimed at increasing the quality and impact of their reproductive health programs. In collaboration with PROCOSI, FRONTIERS conducted four training workshops on design of operations research projects, qualitative research methods, utilization and dissemination of research results, and preparing research reports. Technical assistance on other topics, such as developing research instruments, creating databases, and using EpiInfo for transcribing and analyzing data was provided on-site to each organization. The operations research projects implemented by the organizations addressed a series of topics that can be grouped into two major categories: a) strategies for increasing access to and quality of reproductive health programs, and b) adolescents. The experience of this collaborative PROCOSI/FRONTIERS project was very positive: high-quality research projects were carried out; programs benefited from the research projects; and a group of technicians was formed that with a small amount of help will be able to conduct new research projects from a managers’ perspective.






Frontiers in Reproductive Health