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Case Study

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By applying robust evidence, securing the support of decisionmakers, and engaging stakeholders, STEP UP enabled national and local decisionmakers to better understand the consequences of unintended pregnancy for adolescent girls’ schooling in Homa Bay County, Kenya. STEP UP is playing an important role in informing the implementation of policies within the Kenyan educational sector that will improve educational opportunities for school-age mothers. Through early stakeholder engagement, strong partnerships, the support of implementers and policymakers, effective communication and dissemination strategies, decisionmaker capacity, and the dedication of the adolescent mothers themselves, evidence generated by STEP UP was successfully utilized by key stakeholders. Through this work, STEP UP has seen a positive shift in the discourse among Homa Bay County stakeholders on the continued education of all girls and the development of culturally appropriate models to better address unintended pregnancy in this population.





Strengthening Evidence for Programming on Unintended Pregnancy (STEP UP)