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This report is based on data from 12 focus group discussions conducted throughout the Philippines as part of the DMPA Monitoring and Follow-up Studies. The DMPA Monitoring and Follow-up Studies are part of a technical assistance project undertaken by the Population Council in support of the Department of Health’s DMPA Reintroduction Program. The project provides data on DMPA (depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate) acceptance and continuation rates as well profiles of DMPA users and dropouts to serve as bases for decisions and policies that will ensure quality services. The project draws information from several sources including a 15-month monitoring of DMPA acceptors; surveys of DMPA users and dropouts; focus group discussions with DMPA dropouts, nonusers, and husbands of DMPA users; and interviews with DMPA service providers. This report focuses on the results of the focus group discussions among DMPA dropouts, nonusers, and husbands of DMPA users. The DMPA Reintroduction Program was initiated by the DOH in 1994, following the approval of use of DMPA by the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs in 1993. The program aims to reintroduce DMPA into the Philippine Family Planning Program.






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