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An operations research study was conducted to investigate the concerns of postabortion patients in Egypt to improve counseling that women receive. A corollary use of the study results is the development of sensitive survey research questions for measuring incidence of induced abortion. This study utilized qualitative research methods by conducting in-depth interviews with postabortion patients in El Galaa and El Menia University Hospitals and focus group discussions with family planning clients and noncontracepting women. For all types of postabortion patients the most salient issue was physical survival of an extremely painful experience. All postabortion patients were acutely concerned about their ability to recover from the abortion, which requires a lengthy convalescence. Their ability to ensure such a rest was highly unlikely. Use of a contraceptive immediately postabortion was not viewed as advisable by the women. The women's husbands need to be informed regarding their wives’ health, return to fertility, and need for a recuperation period. In addition, the postabortion patients require explanations about the return to fertility using popular concepts, some of which are indicated in the body of this report.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project