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This pilot study conducted in Cairo and Minya examined the effects of improving the medical care and counseling of post-abortion patients in Egypt. A pre-test/post-test, no control group study design was used to measure the effects of an intervention that upgraded physicians' clinical and interpersonal communication skills for the care of post-abortion patients, including counseling and family planning (FP). The study's surveys utilized direct interviews with staff working in the OB/GYN wards, structured observations of treatment procedures and counseling of post-abortion patients, and interviews with patients prior to discharge. Changes in the clinical management of post-abortion patients were introduced through a five-day training program in each hospital for senior staff, who then trained junior colleagues individually. Training for nurses and other paramedical personnel was also provided. Results demonstrate that the use of vacuum aspiration for treating post-abortion patients offers significant potential benefits for women, service providers, and the health care system. As this report states, the challenge now is to consolidate the experience gained from this study and develop a larger-scale introduction program in Egypt for the use of vacuum aspiration, combined with minimal pain-control medication and improved counseling.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project