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Baseline surveys in 15 districts of Uttar Pradesh were conducted as part of the USAID-assisted State Innovations in Family Planning Services project. This effort helps create databases at the district level, an essential prerequisite for decentralized planning and strategy development. The Baseline Surveys in Uttar Pradesh (BSUP) were undertaken as part of the Innovations in Family Planning Services Project to reduce the fertility rate in Uttar Pradesh. The project’s objectives were to increase access to family planning (FP) services, improve quality of FP services, and promote contraceptive use. The Population Council was designated as the nodal organization to coordinate various activities and provide technical assistance for the consulting organizations involved in BSUP. The Centre for Population and Development Studies, Hyderabad, was the selected consulting organization for the BSUP in Jhansi district. As stated in this report, general objectives are to provide a baseline against which the effectiveness and success of district-level project activities can be assessed in the future and provide background data at the district level that will assist in the design of appropriate and innovative service-delivery strategies.






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