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This technical assistance project supports the goal of the Asia Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance (ANE OR/TA) project of helping strengthen family planning (FP)/reproductive health (RH) operations research (OR) capabilities in the Philippines. During the extension period of the ANE OR/TA project, four OR studies were implemented in the Philippines dealing with cross-cutting issues, including a study to assess the feasibility of integrating RTI management within FP/MCH programs; an intervention study dealing with improving quality of care via expanded FP counseling; an intervention to address high unmet need in Pangasinan Province; and an intervention study to increase male involvement in RH in Bukidnon Province. These efforts, along with a study of factors affecting use and discontinuation of the IUD, have generated demand for technical assistance, along with corresponding personnel needed to provide such assistance, thereby necessitating this initiative. Activities include providing advice on technical questions, serving as resource persons in training on research design and methodology, assisting in data analysis, disseminating project findings, traveling to project sites, and monitoring and coordinating activities. The report specifies activities undertaken to fulfill the objectives of capacity building and institutionalization of OR in the country covered under this contract.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project