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A Situation Analysis (SA) was conducted in seven local government health centers as part of a larger project studying the feasibility of integrating RTI services within the existing Family Planning/Reproductive Health Program of the Department of Health (DOH). The SA was part of a series of baseline activities conducted by the Family Planning Operations Research and Training Project as part of its study on Integrating RTI Management in Local Government Unit Health Centers. It was conducted by Population Council, Manila, for the DOH. Participating health centers were located in a large and highly urbanized community, a medium-sized city, and two semi-urban municipalities. The research team visited these centers to examine existing facilities and equipment, staff capabilities, and client-provider interactions. Clients related their perceptions about quality of service. SA results showed that FP/MCH and other services offered in the clinics were generally satisfactory. In the clinics that had a laboratory, capacity was limited due to inadequate supplies. None of the centers could conduct basic lab tests for RTIs. As this report indicates, clinic facilities, client-provider interaction, and staff capability, though satisfactory, can still be improved. However, RTI services are either lacking or only addressed inadequately.






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