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This report presents the results of the DMPA Monitoring Study undertaken by the Population Council, Manila, as a technical assistance project for the DMPA Reintroduction Program of the Department of Health. The primary objective is to provide data on DMPA utilization and continuation rates to project the logistical needs of the program during the next three years. Data on availability of DMPA supplies and IEC (information, education, and communication) materials relating to DMPA were also monitored to provide some measure of effectiveness of the program's distribution system. The study covers a 21-month observation period from April 1994 to December 1995 and concentrates on 1,379 DMPA-dispensing health facilities in the ten local government units (LGUs) covered by Phase I of the DMPA Reintroduction Program. The monitoring study obtained information on the level and patterns of DMPA use in the ten pilot LGUs to serve as a basis for determining logistical needs up to 1998. Other goals focused on collecting information on the DMPA drop-out problem, on the effectiveness of the program's system for distributing DMPA-related supplies, and on inter-LGU differentials in program performance.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project