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The Indonesia Norplant® Removal Assessment Study was prepared for the World Bank and USAID/Indonesia. All women interviewed had Norplant (contraceptive implant) inserted for five or more years before the interview. For the entire sample, 8.2 percent had not yet had Norplant removed at the time of the interview. This report indicates a very high continuation rate for each Norplant insertion cohort from 1987 through 1991. Almost all Norplant users continue through the fourth year. Between the end of the fourth year and the end of the fifth year, there is a sharp drop in use from 90 percent to 66 percent. This drop continues and accelerates from 66 percent to 10 percent use at the end of the sixth year. For this study, 2,979 women in 14 provinces were interviewed. The study’s goal is to provide the National Family Planning Coordinating Board, the Ministry of Health, and various donor agencies with information on the experience of Norplant clients who had an insertion at least five or more years ago and thus had the potential of using the implant at least five years.






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