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This report provides findings of a rapid appraisal of the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) training program in Uttar Pradesh, India. The appraisal was undertaken by the Population Council and State Innovations in Family Planning Agency (SIFPSA). As SIFPSA is in the process of planning a training program to strengthen the technical skills and competence of ANMs and update their contraceptive knowledge, it was felt that a rapid appraisal of the training program would help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of previous training efforts. The ANM training initiatives of SIFPSA would then build upon the experiences gained from earlier training programs and the existing training needs of ANMs. The emphasis was on improving ANMs' technical and counseling skills by providing on-the-job practical training. The program was a three-week skill-based training, during which ANMs were attached to a CHC/PPC or a district hospital. This was followed by one week of training at an ANM Training Centre in IEC and counseling. The objective was to review how the training program was organized and how it helped improve the technical skills and competence of ANMs.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project