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This report documents the proceedings of a training workshop on reproductive tract infection (RTI) case management for physicians, nurses, and midwives in selected health centers of the Philippines. The training started with presentation of focus group discussion results emphasizing existing beliefs and perceptions of the community regarding RTIs. The results of the situation analysis served as an eye opener for many in that clients with RTI-related symptoms were found to be rather rare and not systematically managed in the health clinics. Many providers report that since they are not trained to handle such cases, they refer whoever comes with symptoms to the hospital or to private practitioners. The open forum sessions revealed preconceived notions and initial confusion regarding RTI management held by service providers. Participants were trained in history taking, physical examination, and management of RTIs. To guide service providers on giving appropriate messages to the client and the community, sessions on integrated RTI/FP counseling and community awareness were included. Training of service providers in RTI management is the first of several components of the RTI integration study.






Asia & Near East Operations Research and Technical Assistance Project